Guerilla Gardeners have declared war on the urban landscape. In disguise, under cover, armed with specialised equipment, they are laying un-waste to desolate plots and barren corners in our cities.

Guerrilla gardening – gardening without permission.


Richard Reynolds is the godfather of Guerilla Gardening in London, and his site has lots of tips and resources.


Pothole gardening is a speciality sub-craft. There are no shortage of potential pothole plots to decorate – as the demonstrates in his blog.

You may like to note two big days coming up in the Guerilla Gardening World.


Tomorrow, April 29th is a public holiday in the UK. It is a day for celebration – Royal Weeding Day.


Then May1st is International Sunflower Guerilla Gardening Day. 

Do your bit to add some colour to your neighbourhood.


(Any guerilla gardeners who are at a loss for things to do are welcome to visit our garden to participate in the Royal Weeding)


What I Learnt On 28th April in other years

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