Apr 21 2011

Follow Up Then

More and more of the stuff we need to do arrives via our email Inbox.

For many of us, it has become our main ‘tasks list’.

‘Inbox Zero’ is that joyful state where we have dealt with everything in our Inbox. Llike Zen monks, we can celebrate ‘the empty mind’

FollowUpThen is a simple (and free) servce that can help us manage our email and reach the nirvana of ‘inbox zero’.



How often do we receive a message, don’t have time or the information we need to deal with it, and think to ourselves “I’ll deal with that later’. We carefully leave it in our inbox – and then forget about it.

By replying to the sender immediately, with a bcc to followupthen, we will automatically get a reminder email at the time we specify.



Sending an email sometimes feels likes tossing a message in a bottle into the ocean. Who knows whether it ever reaches its destination?  What if your important message is sitting around in their overflowing ‘inbox’? How can you keep track of the things you are waiting to hear back about?

By sending a cc to, you and the recipient will both receive a reminder email at the time you specify.


From :
Subject: Don’t forget your anniversary tomorrow

You can also send an email directly to followupthen. You will receive a reminder email when you specify.

There are a number of other options for the time frames you can specify.

You can try it now, without even going to their website.


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Have you ever wondered what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at your favourite web sites.

Back of a Webpage gives each of us an exclusive ‘access all areas’ pass.

The Bluebirds at Twitter are busy posting all your tweets.

Find out what the other side of Google, Facebook, Flickr, Apple and YouTube look like.

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Whereas What I Learnt Today is ‘one thing each day’, Emaildigest is ‘all you need to know’.

Did you know that 1 billion new pages are added to the world wide web each day.

999,999,993 of these are pages that you should completely ignore – 650,000,003 are drivel and will damage your brain, 349,999,980 are irrelevant to your life, and 10 of them  will get you arrested just for viewing them

How can you find the 7 (or so) pages you need to know about each day?

We are proud to announce your new friend,  – ‘all you need to know’. Our team at Emaildigest (ie me) pick the few articles each day you need to know about if you are to remain a contributing member of our society, and we  protect you from all the rest of the dangerous web.

How can you make use of Emaildigest?

You can visit our new groovy web site each day.

Or, you can subscribe to our RSS feed at and get Emaildigest pushed to your newsreader.

Or, you can join the tribe of happy subscribers. Each morning for breakfast you will receive a piping hot email with links to the articles of the day.

Visit to subscribe.

We look forward to serving all you need to know.

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Bored? Lonely?

Crikey would like to proposition you.


Crikey online magazine offers one ‘proposition’ each day – a challenge that you might like to consider.

Read a new book before it is shown as a TV series, cook a special meal, watch a particular show (which I am told by other sources is excellent), see a play, join a club.

If that’s too energetic, perhaps you could go fishing (and drinking).





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My cousin Rick has always been cool. 

When I was little, he drove an old army jeep, gave me my first Beatles record (bootleg, no less), played on the wing in the GPS premiership winning First XV, and regularly took me out on his surf mat at Palm Beach.

When I was in third grade, by some strange co-incidence his then girlfriend (Susie) was the unfortunate student teacher assigned to teach us some drama. My connection through Rick meant that I got to play the lead part in ‘Rinse the Blood Off My Toga‘.

Flavius Maximus was my character, and he had a Humphrey Bogart accent.
“I couldn’t believe my ears! Big Julie was dead!”

It was the only lead role I ever got.

I remember that Peter Hill played a convincing Calpurnia, Mrs Caesar.

Anyway, my cousin Annabelle, Ricks daughter, also thinks her father and mother Prue were awesome, and has blogged about it

For reasons I can’t understand, I suspect she finds his 1970’s fashion sense somewhat entertaining 🙂

On her blog, Bella says “It’s easy to forget that once upon a time, our parents weren’t parents. They weren’t called Mum or Dad. Their lives didn’t revolve around us. They partied, they dated, they studied, they travelled the world. They were, shock horror, just like us”

In fact, sharing the grooviness that was your parents before you were born is a very popular activity, judging by the website that inspired Annabelle’s post – ‘My Parents Were Awesome‘. It contains thousands of photos of parents in their prime, uploaded by their children from all over the world. That site has spawned a book, and been featured on ABC Network news.

The creator of ‘My Parents Were Awesome‘, Eliot Glazer, sees it as a tribute – I think. “Before the fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts, your parents (and grandparents) were once free-wheeling, fashion-forward, and super awesome.”

You can judge for yourself at My Parents Were Awesome,

(Bella’s blog is kind enough to remind us that her parents are still awesome. Go Rick and Prue.)



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