Dec 11 2011

A Free Press


On October 24th this year, the Australian newspaper ‘erected a paywall’ around its web content.

This means that you need to have a paid subscription to read articles on their site, or to use their iPad app.(App Review in WILT)

This ‘digital pass’ to the Australian costs $2.95 per week.

However, for the next three days you can get a free three month Digital Pass subscription. Register at Offer closes December 15th.

(Austech forums points out that even without a digital pass you can still access individual articles through Google News.)

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age continue to make all their content available free of charge.

This includes contect accessed through their excellent iPad app.(Also reviewed in WILT)

When it was launched on 31st May, it was announced that it would be available free for a 6 month trial, after which a subscription would be required.

Be sure not to tell them that the 6 months is up.

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