May 04 2012

A Love of Learning


Allan Stewart gained his first degree, in Dentistry, from Sydney University in 1936.

In 2006, at the age of 91, he gained his 3rd degree, in Law, and thus entered the Guiness Book of World Records as the oldest University graduate ever.

And today, at Southern Cross Univerity, in Lismore, at the age of 97 years and 58 days, he again took to the podium. He received a Masters Degree in Clinical Science,  and delivered the graduate address to his fellow students.

He told the The Northern Star:


“I think I can hang up my mortar board and academic robes after this one – although I said that after my last degree and then I got bored. I have so much time on my hands these days and I like to keep mentally active,”

However, Mr Stewart is modest: “Oh, it’s nothing really… I have just been blessed with good genes,” he said.

He attributes his vitality to fitness of mind, body, purpose, spirit and social fitness.


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