May 22 2011

AppSpin: Bank of Dad

“Dad, have you got any money?”

Do you sometimes feel like a walking ATM?


When I was a fresher at college, I shared ‘goober corridor’ with Mick and Matt. (named after those two, not me, obviously). Mick  found it very convenient to use Matt’s toothpaste, and after a few weeks became very skilled at milking the last little bit out of the tube. As this became harder and harder, he complained bitterly about Goober Matt’s slackness in not buying more.

Little did he know that while the empty ‘Goober toothpaste’ sat prominently on the sink, Matt had a fresh tube hidden behind the textbook “Introduction to Agricultural Science”, where there was no chance Mick would ever look.

Perhaps, in the delivery suite, all new dad’s should be supplied with a special ‘Goober wallet’ that they can demonstrate is empty of cash, and a second real wallet, full of money, that always remains a secret.


Alternatively, they could be supplied with the iPhone App ‘The Bank of Dad’, which makes it simple to keep track of the ‘loans’ we provide to our children. It also has the facility to enter repayments or even deposits in advance, although I think the developers have wasted screen real estate in providing this.

Bank Of Dad - Jebudas Communications, Inc.     Bank of Dad is a free app.Bank Of Dad – App Store Link

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