Mar 04 2011

AppSpin: Evernote

What you need for Uni : Part Two


Is there something you need to remember?

Evernote is the king of note taking apps.

Evernote allows you to –

  • Type your lecture notes in Evernote. 
  • Take a photo of a Powerpoint slide. (the text is recognised by the app, so you can search for it later)
  • Record a voice message ( and have it converted to text)
  • Clip and save a webpage or email

Evernote is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows. You can create as many notebooks as you need. All the Notes you take are stored ‘in the cloud’, which means every device on which you have Evernote is automatically ‘synced’. So take a photo on your iPhone, and it is available immediately on your iPad and MacBook. Take lecture notes with your iPad, and they will be available on your iMac back in your room.

I use Evernote extensively, especially for ‘What I Learnt Today’. For example, I can dictate an idea I hear in the car and know that it will be available wherever I need it. Or start an article on my iPad at Il Portino, edit at work, and post it from home that night.

There is a video which acts as an introduction to Evernote. There are also a number of plug-ins and attachments that add capability available from ‘the trunk‘. For example, Voice2Note will convert your dictated spoken voice notes into text.

What’s more, Evernote is free!

Evernote - Evernote A completely new version of the Evernote iPhone app was released yesterday.

 It is available in the iTunes App Store as is the iPad version.

You can download Mac and PC versions from the Evernote site.


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