Feb 10 2011



It can be difficult to compare the cost of buying books from different websites – but it is worthwhile. The same book can cost more than twice as much at different stores.

Is Amazon better than the ABC Store, allowing for delivery and currency cost? How about Fishpond, or the Co-Op, or the Book Depository – UK or US? By the time you do a currency conversion and allow for the cost of postage, it can be complicated.

Booko.com.au does one thing well. It does your comparison shopping for books and DVDs from 48 different online stores in Australia, the US and the UK.

You do the actual purchasing from the original store website. The site designer, Dan Milne, built the system to scratch a personal itchl. Some sites (such as Amazon) have an affiliate process, so he may make a small amount if you choose to buy the book using his link, This does not affect the price of the book, unlike some aggregated flight services where there is a premium booking fee to be paid. (I’m looking at you, Webjet).

There are verysignificant savings to be had.

I’m interested in Bill Bryson’s ‘At Home – A Short History of Private Life’ – $40 difference between the cheapest (AbeBooks) and most expensive (ABC Books).

One of my favourite books is ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ by Donald Norman. Save $37 or 68%

The new book ‘What to Do About Everything – A Manual for Domestic Life’ by Barbara Toner‘ sounds of interest to What I Learnt Today. ($39.89 – $52.95)

I think booko.com.au is worth a check.




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