Aug 04 2011

Build your own gadget with Microsoft’s Lego for adults


New Scientist reports on .NET gadgeteer, a set of electrical components you can use to build an MP3 player, camera, or arcade cabinet.

At the heart of the kit is a main circuit board with an embedded processor and a variety of sockets that can be linked with other .NET Gadgeteer modules. These include a touchscreen, a camera, LEDs, buttons, and USB and SD card interfaces, all of which can be slotted together like electronic Lego without the need for soldering.

New Scientist recommends that you complete your new gadget by building a case using 3D printing.

We don’t often feature products from Redmond in this blog, but since they have ‘open sourced’ the software that controls all the components, we’ll give them a cheer today.

I’m off to build a robot. Danger, Will Robinson.

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