Aug 05 2011

GadgetWatch: Storm OIC Missile Launcher



OK, who did that. I know it was one of you.


Imagine the havoc you could wreak at work with a missile launcher that you control remotely over the internet.

Dream Cheeky has just the weapon you need.

Office warfare has gone global. The Storm O.I.C. (Over Internet Control) Missile Launder has a built-in webcam that lets you search and destroy your target from 6000 miles away, or across the room. Control the launcher through your messaging program from anywhere in the world, or seriously confuse your targets by handing over command capabilities to anyone on your buddy list. Nothing is more effective for thoroughly annoying your office mates. Armed with four foam missiles and capable of shooting in automatic rotation up to 25 feet in any direction. Ideal for all you busy-doing-nothing timewasters.

Ouch. Get yours while the Australian dollar still works.

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