Jan 29 2012

Hotel NUTS: No smorking, you might upsetter the iPod Dog


For an overnight stay in Tokyo, how can you go past the Shunjuku City Hotel N.U.T.S?

The City Hotel N.U.T.S. (New Uarban Time and Space!) has a family room that sleeps five on traditional Japanes tatami mats (rare in Tokyo to find a room that sleeps three) – as well as Western-style rooms.


And it certainly is the only hotel on wotif that proudly features an iPod dog.

It’s new room just come out which is designed by Japanese architecture named upsetters.Size of room is 30sqm with traditional japanese tatami style.It’s furnished with private bath toilet,internet,refrigerator,hair dryer,flat TV,I pod dog,welcome drink

The welcome drink comes from a free Coke vending machine in the lobby, which is a good thing as you get to spend a bit of time there waiting for the lift, which only takes three at a time. (NUTS may have removed the Coke machine after our boys drank the entire month’s supply for greater Tokyo)


The only problem is that for those who are keen on a bit of a smork after a week’s skiing, at NUTS ‘you are allowed to smork in only smorking area’.


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