Mar 08 2012

One more thing…. The new iPad

Overnight, Apple launched the new iPad 3.


Should you get one?

Some points of interest

The new iPad looks the same as the iPad 2. It is the same size, except that it is 0.6mm thicker. A man on a galloping horse wouldn’t know the difference.

It has a higher resolution ‘retina display’ screen – movies and photos and print all look clearer, and it is easier to read (I don’t think my real retinae will be able to tell the difference, however)

The new iPad has a much faster processor, so will be more responsive. It will leave the original iPad for dead – increasingly new Apps won’t run well on the original version. (being used to the iPad 2, it is already annoying to use an iPad 1)

The back-facing camera is of much higher quality (5 megapixel compared to about 2). It has other features that improve the quality of photographs, including in-built face recognition. It is able to shoot high definition video. The front facing camera (for video calls) is the same. Tthe iPad 1 has no camera. But have you ever found a use for the iPad 2 camera?

The iPad 3 does not have Siri, but does have a new Voice Dictate feature that allows you to dictate your emails and notes. There is an Australian version available. If that actually works, you won’t need a keyboard.

The iPad 3 has 3G and 4G, so will be faster in areas where 4G is available. Currently, this is only on the Telstra network and only in the middle of the city. – Correction – the 4G function d

The new iPad starts at $539 for the 16Gb Wifi model, and $679 for the 16Gb 4G Model. The top of the range is the 64Gb 4G Model at $899. This is a decrease in what the iPad 2 cost last week.

The iPad2 16Gb model will remain for sale at $429 for the Wifi version and $569 for the 3G version.

Well, should you get one?

If you don’t own an iPad – yes, definitely. Using an iPad changes the way you think about web browsing, email, movies and books.

If you own the original iPad – yes, and hand your current model on to your kids.

If you own an iPad 2 – no, unless work will buy you a new one, or you have someone else in your family who needs one and who would be happy to have your hand-me-down

Here’s what Apple would need to clinch an upgrade for iPad 2 owners –  full width retina display, magnets, near field recoginition and 3D user controlled holograms – like this.

The imaginary ‘concept version’ in the video may have to wait till the iPad 4.

A comparison of the iPad2 and the real iPad3 is on the Apple Store.

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2 Responses to “One more thing…. The new iPad”

  1. Alastair says:

    Uncle Tony, should I pass on my iPad 1 to Clare and buy a new 3?

  2. Tony Lembke says:

    Dear Al, Absolutely. You will both be happy. Love Uncle Tony

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