Aug 28 2011

Par for the Gutter


Although we rely on tank water, we haven’t mastered the art of frugal showers.

The tanks have been running low, but there was rain around this weekend. which meant the gutters needed to be cleared of leaves.

Cleaning the gutters is fairly tricky, and always results in lacerations across the back of the hand that only just heal before the gutters are next due for cleaning. According to the log of OH&S incident reports in Dees Lane, a scaphoid fracture is the worst injury that has been sustained in this street,

Finally, after years of experimentation, and enoromous investments in inadequate products, I’ve found the perfect tool for the job.

A golf iron.

Not just any iron. I find the No 3 iron has the correct pitch for the purpose, and the Daiwa had the perfect feel. I think I need a bit of work on my grip, but I’m happy with my stance otherwise.

Of course, others will need to conduct their own experiments to find the right club for their local conditions.

All this rain and talk of golf clubs reminds me of the last round I played with Lee Trevino. As storm clouds surrounded the course, all the other groups retired to the clubhouse. When thunder clapped all around us and lightening lit up the dark sky, I assumed we’d follow them to the bar. However, nonchalantly, Lee continued to play, holding one club above his head between shots.

I asked him what he was holding up.

“My one iron”, he said, as more lightening struck around us.

“Don’t worry.” he said. “not even God can hit a one iron”.

Boom Boom

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