Jan 11 2011

Plan B – You always needs a Backup Plan

There are two kinds of computer users – those who have lost data in a crash, and those who are about to.

I was reminded of this old adage today by a phone call at 8am to tell me the server at work would not start.
(Photo from Lifehacker.com.au)

It appears that a blackout in town this morning corrupted the database of our software program – which caused a problem when the server was restarted.

Bloody rain.

Some measures you can take may prevent this from happening to you.

These include

– having an Uninterruptable Power Supply (or backup battery), that can ‘order’ your server to shut down in an orderly fashion if the mains power is interrupted.

– a RAID system (where data is copied to two drives at the same time) is a godsend when you have a hard drive crash.

But neither of these prevented our database from becoming corrupted.

When you have a ‘mission dependent’ failure at work, as a cold sweat breaks out on your forehead, you may find yourself willing to pay anything for a timely backup, 

And now that all your photos, movies and music live on your hard drive, you need a reliable plan at home also.

Remember that taking a backup is half the work. You need to regularly perform a check restore of a backup to make sure that is working, and complete!!!!!!!

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, many sites have recently posted good advice about backing up your data.


TUAW (Apple Specific) – Backup Basics with Time Machine and More 
The RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) has also published a very comprehensive set of Computer Security Guidelines that is applicable to all small businesses.(Oct 2010)

Hope you have an uncorrupted data-secure new year!

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