How’s your backflipping going? 

Looked at the world from upside down lately?

Paddy and Will put the new Oregon Scientific ATC9K HD Action Camera through its paces today.

This little camera is pumping for action – it is shock proof, and water proof to 20m, and can be attached to your helmet, your bike, your hang glider, your parachute, or your head.(?).

Amazingly, it takes High Definition video at 1080p, or you can take stills with its 5 megapixel still camera. It has a LED display so you can watch while you film, a HDMI cord so you can plug it straight into your TV, and a laser pointer so you can see where you are aiming while it is stuck to your head.

It contains a G-force sensor, and a GPS unit is available as a plugin accessory. This allows you to track where you are and how fast you are going while filming. With the included software you can  combine the video action with a map of the course you took.

Using it is very easy.

Paddy and Will think it is sick.

This is their test video in ‘mobile’ quality. The boys will upload a HD version tomorrow.


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