Apr 03 2011

Announcing: What I Learnt Today – Junior Edition


The Nintendo 3DS was released this week.

I know this because I subscribe to “What I Learnt Today – Junior Edition” at http://wiltjunior.com

Wiltjunior – all the news that Millie thinks is fit to print.

If you know any junior reporters who would like to contribute items to wiltjunior, please have them contact millielembke@gmail.com.

The process for contributing an article is easy – all you need to do is know how to email, or read a web page. On the job training is provided, and you are paid handsomely by the esteem of all your friends.

On another note, you can now access What I Learnt Today through the short address wilt.me.
The long version http://whatIlearnttoday.com.au still works – the shorter version is easier to remember, easier to share, and quicker to type.


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  1. Millie says:

    I’m like cookies

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