When Miss Tennant in Grade 4 asked us to write about what life would be like in the year 2000, we took it for granted that we would have flying cars.


Scientists are still struggling with cars that drive themselves safely on the ground.

Once upon a time the Gold Coast Motorail would safely take a family and their car from Lismore to Sydney. This turned out to be too sensible and so the service was disbanded.

Engineers at Google have announced that they are working on an automated car, and have actually driven 140,000 miles on Californian roads.

This hands free car gives you more time to look at Google ads. This video shows it in action.

Volvo are working on a ‘road train’. Pull your car into a line of cars, all following one lead truck. While in the line, your car will follow the leader automatically.

I think I would find the Gold Coast Motorail more relaxing.




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