Jun 03 2011

The Ice Bear and the Opera House


You don’t see that every day.

As I walked past the square in front of Custom’s House in Sydney this morning, a team of people armed with picks were attacking a giant block of ice.

As I returned this evening, the ice had been transformed into an ice bear. It was a hot day, and poor old bear had begun to melt. However, I think that is the point. The fate of the Ice Bear is symbolic of the fate of his real cousins if the world warms.

Above the bear, Customs House provided the canvas for an amazing light show. Colours danced across the building, time sped by , the building decayed and then collapsed, only to arise anew in a blaze of reds and greens.

Looking out the starboard side of the Mosman ferry, the Opera House was also transformed by colours and patterns.

Either something pretty spectacular is taking place or I had too many beers durIng the POETS afternoon.

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