Jan 01 2016

The Seinfeld Chain – Happy New Year

barack-obama-jerry-seinfeldJerry Seinfeld once said that to be a great comic, you have to write every day. This takes discipline.

He motivated himself by having a large wall calendar and a big red marker.

On the calendar, he would draw a large cross on each day when he had done his writing. If he was disciplined and wrote for a number of days without missing a day , the series of crosses would form a chain. If he did not write on any particular day, there would be no cross, and the chain would be broken.

Because he didn’t want to break the chain and start again, he would at least do some writing each day.

Brad Issac received this advice from Jerry Seinfeld in 2007 and wrote about it on Lifehacker. The Seinfeld Chain has become a well known productivity tool – and is one of the ways we keep score in the Half Diet Club.

As today is the first day of the year, and a day for resolutions, I’ll see how long I can grow my chain of daily posts to  ‘What I Learnt Today’. That’s one.

Speaking of Jerry Seinfeld, he has recently caught up for coffee in a car with President Obama.

Did you know anonymity is not all its cracked up to be? And that a good percentage of world leaders are crazy?

You can view their chat at Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


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