Sep 14 2013

Thou Shalt Not Add Oil to Pasta Water…the 10 Commandments of Italian Cooking

Acadamia“A country’s cuisine exists in the memories of their people and in those who have passed along their food knowledge and wisdom for centuries.”

So says the Acadameia Barilla of Parma, dedicated to the art of Italian gastronomy.

The Academia has recently handed down the Ten Commandments of Italian Cooking. Mea Culpa. At various times, it appears, I have broken most of them.

I’ve checked the following with my friend Rinaldo. He was horrified to think anyone would not find these self evident.

You Shall Not Have Cappuccino after breakfast

Espresso yes, Cappuccino no. And even then never during a meal.

Risotto and pasta are not a side dish.

Pasta is a course in its own right, and not served with other courses.

You shall not add oil to the water when cooking pasta!

Oil should not be added to pasta cooking water! Rinaldo could not believe anyone would consider doing this. Oil must be added only after you have drained it from its cooking water.
The Acadamia has instructions on how to cook pasta like an Italian.

Its tagliatelle bolognese, not spaghetti.

In real Italian cuisine the pairing of the right kind of pasta with the right sauce is considered almost sacred.

You Shall not Serve Chicken Pasta

In Italy there are no hot dishes featuring pasta and chicken.

Real Italian restaurants don’t do the chequered tablecloth thing.

Chequered Tablecloths indicate the restaurant is targeting tourists. You have been warned.

You shall not add Ketchup to pasta

At least I am innocent of this crime against cuisine,

Thou Shall do what Mama does

As the Acadamia says

She knows from her mamma, who knew from her mamma who knew from her mamma and so on. It’s been tried and tested. And what a mother teaches at her daughter while they are cooking? That love is the center of all. We must share Italian food with your loved ones. It is what life, love and family are all about.

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