Mar 20 2011

Xtranormal – Do It Yourself Movies

Budding Fellinis and Lurhmans out there will know that actors can be just soooo difficult to work with. Not to mention Best Boys and Key Grips.

Xtranormal is a website that provides the actors, cameramen, and crew. 

You select the scenery, choose your actors, provide the script and bingo! Your animated movie is done.

Here is a short movie that Millie wrote and produced today which promotes a popular website.

Thanks to Hamish for the tip about xtranormal. It must be bookmarked in every hospital, as many of the xtranormal movies on YouTube are a sarcastic portrayal of medical craft groups (or patients). This is a well known clip – an overkeen orthopaedic registrar presenting a case to the anaesthetic registrar. (warning : medical humour)

PS If ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’ have the same meaning, why are extra-normal and extra-ordinary opposites?


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  1. Sharyn White says:

    Go Millie! A Job in advertising awaits you for sure.

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