Feb 21 2011

Zen and the art of mobile phone plans


Comparing phone plans is about as much fun as working out your tax return. (Sorry Mul)

Do you find that no matter what phone plan you choose, it ends up costing more?

Flagfall, rate per 30 secs, increments, text charges to and from others in the same company, data charges, expiry dates, rollovers, caps.

Oliver is on pre-paid and we found that we were having to ‘recharge’ way too frequently, even though he is quite a light user.

Earlier this month, we switched to a new company called ‘amaysim‘.


This has been a positive experience. The plan is simple to understand, recharges last 90 days rather than 30, data is not overcharged and additional packs are available. When I spoke to them to arrange the ‘porting’ of our old number to the new service, they were prompt and helpful, and when I rang back I got the same person “Anthony” again. Perhaps only one person works there.

The website was exceptionally easy to use, recharging is very easy through the site, and the options are clear.

Amaysim works on the Optus network, which is a disadvantage as Telstra reception is better around here. However, this is not much 

of an issue in Sydney where the phone will be used. If you have a phone ‘locked-in’ to the Telstra network you will have to unlock it. Instructions are available here

Boost and Virgin work on the Optus network, so if you have a phone currently on those networks it won’t need to be unlocked if you switch.

So far, so good, for us.

For post paid, Alex has been on a virgin Cap plan at $29 month. This was the best deal we could find at the time, and has been a good option for her, as her phone calls are considerably longer. She can call Cathy’s phone, also on Virgin, at no charge.

The problem with plans is that they change all the time. 

If you want to do more research, Lifehacker Australia provides a comparison of some deals in its planhacker column.

The Sydney Morning Herald also provide a plan comparison service at 

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  1. maggie brennan says:

    mobile pohone plans that cost more are similar to going to a Specsavers to get 2 pairs of glasses for $199 and always having it cost at least $500.I don’t know anyone wh has walked away with paying the $199.

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