Aug 11 2011

Activate Find My iPhone now!


My friend M had her iPad stolen this week. That is very sad. How can people be so unkind?

We’ve previously noted Will Carling’s success intracking down his stolen iPhone using the ‘Find my iPhone’ service.

See WILT Feb 14 Don’t Pinch Stuff from a tech head rugby legend.

Previously, to use this service you had to have a paid subscription to MobileMe. Now, ‘Find My iPhone’ is available free of charge to all iPhone 4 and iPad owners.

But it only works if you activate ‘Find My iPhone’ on your device before it is stolen. So we weren’t able to trace M’s iPad and catch the baddie. Curses.

I suggest that right now you stop what your are doing and check that you have turned it on.

Instructions for the iPhone are at

and for the iPad at

You can then locate your device at

or by using the free iPhone or iPad app Find My iPhone (on someone else’s phone, unless you have a very compliant thief)

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