Jun 08 2011

Airprint – printing from an iPad or iPhone

Can you print from an iPad or iPhone?

Do you want the good news, the bad news, or the good news.

Apple’s answer is “yes, but”.

The real answer is “yes”.

Airprint is the term that Apple uses for the technology allows you to print over a Wifi network.

Most apps (including Safari and Mail) on an iDevice have ‘Print’ as option. You usually find it in the Share menu – the button for ‘Share’ has a box with an arrow.


However, in the fine print, you find that you will need to have a Printer somewhere on the network that supports Airprint. At this time only a small set of recent Hewlett Packard printers are compatible.

Not to be deterred, the clever folk at Netputing have developed a small application that enables any printer to be used for Airprint.

And it is free!


You can download Airprint Activator from the Netputing site.

It is simple to set up, and there is even a video tutorial on the site to show you how.

Cool. Thanks Netputing.

3 Responses to “Airprint – printing from an iPad or iPhone”

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  3. dennis says:

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