Jan 31 2011

Security Screening Shortcuts at Sydney Airport


There was a long queue at security screening in Terminal 2 Sydney Airport this morning (although not as long as in this photo of the weekend with the ‘Virgin troubles’) (Terminal 2 is the Jetstar / Virgin / Rex terminal)

When confronted by a long line, its worth remembering that there is another, barely used, security screening point at the other end of the terminal.

Go down stairs, and head west, past all the laggage carousels (and the property storage centre), and past the gates where Rex boards (Gate 47), and there it is. Never a line up!

There is a similar sneaky security gateway in Terminal 3 (Qantas domestic), just up the escalators from the baggage carousels at the Western End of the terminal.

Both of these can be lifesavers when you are running late for a connection.

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