Jan 18 2016

Apple Watch – Getting the band back together

mickey3In the mood for a new look? One of the features of an Apple watch is the ease with which you can switch one band for another with a different style or colour.

The aluminium Watch Sports comes with a plastic (‘fluoroelastomer’) sports band which is available in a large range of colours.  I have a black ‘space grey’ with black sports band.

The Stainless Steel Watch comes with a choice of bands – the sports band, three leather bands (in a range of colours), or two metal bands. The cost of the watch depends on the band chosen.

You can also purchase extra bands separately – but *danger Will Robinson* – I visited the apple store to discover that they are not cheap.

The Sports Band is A$79. The Milanese Loop, Classic Buckle or Leather Loops are A$229. The Modern Buckle is $379 and the Link Bracelet is $679.


Third party manufacturers to the rescue. Watch bands are now readily available on eBay.

I purchased a Milanese Loop and a Blue Leather Loop for about $30 each. I’m a happy customer.


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