Jul 02 2011

Basics Of Photography: The Complete Guide


Once upon a time, each photo you took had to be carefully planned. There was no chance to check if Aunty Rosi had her eyes closed again, or if Will was pulling a face. When the film was full, it was carefully removed from the camera and taken to the chemist. One week later, you could pick them up and see if they turned out.

Even Kodal doesn’t make film anymore. In the age of digital cameras, its shoot first, ask questions later. Increased quantity of photos doesn’t always mean increased quality.

However, for many, photography remains a fine art.

The World Press 2011 Photo exhibition received more than 1000 entries. The judges have selected the best and they are currently on display in the State Library of NSW.


Lifehacker has recently featured a series of articles that will teach you all the skills you need to win World Press 2012.


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