Sep 06 2011

Did you have a good night’s sleep?


How’d you sleep last night.

Not bad, good, terrible?

All a bit vague – what you need is a scientific way to answer the question accurately.
You need a Zeo Sleep Coach

The Zeo Sleep Coach is a mini-EEG machine that sits on your bedside table. You wear a comfortable headband, and it records your brainwave patterns overnight.

In the morning you can see how long you were awake, how long you were in light sleep, and what percentage of time you hit the desired deep sleep. You can also find out your ZQ score, which measures sleep quality.

Do some experiments. How many glasses of wine give you the best sleep? What time should you go to bed.? Exercise before sleep? Reading?

The Zeo can also wake you at the optimal time each morning, rather than doing what my alarm clock does, which is waiting till I am in the middle of the deepest sleep of the night to wake me up.

Did you have a good night’s sleep? Yep, a ripper. ZQ Score 90.

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