Nov 07 2011

Screevers and Lego Terracotta Warriors


Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheroo 

I does what I likes and I likes what I do 

Today I’m a screever and as you can see 

A screever’s an artist of highest degree 

And it’s all me own work 

From me own memory”

–    Bert – Mary Poppins

A Screever is an artist who draws pictures on pavements, as with colored chalks, earning a living from the donations of spectators and passersby.

Street Painiting has a long and distinguished history, dating from at least 16th Century Europe. Wikipedia describes The Italian I Madonnari, itinerant artists, many of whom had been brought into the cities to work on the huge cathedrals. When the work was done, they needed to find another way to make a living, and thus would often recreate the paintings from the church onto the pavement. Aware of festival and holy days in each province and town, they traveled to join in the festivities to make a living from observers who would throw coins if they approved of the artist’s work.

Whereas traditional street painting consisted of  recreations of famous masterpieces, the more recent trend is to use a ‘Trompe-l’œil’ to produce 3D images.

The Saratosa Chalk Festival is the largest Streep Painting Festival in the US.

How about these Lego ‘terracotta warriors’.


Some other works from Saratosa by artist Maleanie Stimmel.


I don;t know if any of the pictures at Saratosa had the feature of Berts pictures – you could jump inside them and travel to different worlds.

As long as it doesn’t rain.

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