Apr 01 2012

For the Geek who has Everything

Think Geek released some very special new items today.

Star War’s Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass – “It’s a Trap”

Admiral Ackbar was one of the bravest and wisest minds of the Rebellion. He was the head of the Rebellion Fleet, no less, yet all everyone remembers is one line he said. This fish/Ackbar says that line, and plays the Cantina Song, too!

Hungry Hippos for iPad

Everyone loves Hungry Hungry Hippos. Time to update the classic to the new iPad era! How? By using capacitive-padded hippo heads on an iPad board with a custom HHH app, that’s how! HIPPO POWER!


Barbie Fashion Styling Head for iPad

Barbie™ Digital Fashion Styling Head gives your iPad a virtual makeover. Includes four touch-capacitive accessories for a real beauty salon experience.

And my personal favourite, the PlayMobile Apple Store


Redefing the experience of childhood – creating a seamless transition to the new realities of adult hood.We finally figured out how to create lifelong customers literally moments after they learned to walk. And, with the optional Line Pack, your children can play at lining up for next i-product launch.

You can check out ThinkGeeks previous April 1st ‘specials’ at http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/looflirpa/





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