Feb 24 2012

Julia – The Sportswoman

Driven by the challenge of K Rudd, Ms Gillard has left no stone unturned to make sure that anything Tony can do, she can do better.

So, Mr Abbott may have won a Rhodes scholarship, been awarded two University Blues for boxing, and played first grade rugby for Syney University. These photos show that Ms Gillard is in secret training to nullify any advantage he might have from the sporting electorate.

You can box – but I can wrestle. Tap out, Tony


I may be skating on this ice, but at least I’m skating


Theres no me in team (unless you rearrange the letters and leave out ‘at’)


I’ll see your tight head and raise you a loose head.

The final nail – I’ve got the numbers to run for president of the Front Rowers Club.


(Hat tip to Michelle via Rob B)

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