Jun 21 2011

GadgetCorner: Evil Alarm Clocks

“Will, get out of bed, for goodness sake”. Repeat every minute for 10 minutes.

On these cold mornings, we need some evil alarm clocks.

Maybe one of these will do the job.

1. Clocky, and his new hi-tech little brother Tocky, jump off the bedside table and run around the floor when they raise the alarm, beeping and generally being a nuisance until you get up and catch the blasted things.

2. Wake up to the smell of animosity. Every time you hit the snooze button on the wifi-enabled SnūzNLūz Alarm Clock, a donation is made from your bank account to an organisation that you can’t stand. Perhaps we could set Will’s SnuzNLuz to donate to the All Blacks retirement fund.


3. I’m sure this next evil alarm clock would work. The Money Shredding Alarm Clock starts to shred your hard-earned notes if you don’t get out of bed in time to turn it off.


OK. Once out of bed, how do you extract victims from the very strong attractive field surrounding the ‘kid magnet’, also known as the gas heater.


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