Sep 04 2011

Happy Father’s Day


Although Mother’s Day has been celebrated in the USA since 1870, it was not until 1910 that a special day was suggested to acknowledge the contribution of Fathers.

Mother’s Day was so popular that it was proclaimed an official public holiday by Woodrow Wilson in 1914. He was also keen to proclaim a holiday for Father’s Day, but the wise congressmen were concerned it would become too commercialised! Anyway, they already had breakfast in bed everyday.

It wasn’t until 1972 that Richard Nixon enshrined Father’s Day in law, officially designating that the 3rd Sunday in June be a national holiday. Greeting Card Companies around the country rejoiced!

In Australia, PNG, New Zealand and Fiji, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in September. The reason this particular date was chosen remains shrouded in the mists of history.

There is no official Children’s Day because “every day is Children’s Day” (from the book of Standard Mother Sayings)

The traditional Father’s Day presents are socks, jocks and ties. Sporting books are also very popular. (“Max Walker Feeds the Chooks” is up to Volume 37) These presents are often accompanied by heartfelt handmade ‘vouchers’ which entitle the beloved dad to have a number of odd jobs done around the house by his doting children, such as having the car cleaned or the lawn mowed. Unfortunately, there are no recorded occasions on which any of these vouchers have ever being successfully redeemed.

Red Balloon suggests some less traditional presents

Perhaps you have spent today putting a V8 Supercar through it’s paces, or skippered a Tall Ship on Sydney Harbour. Did you learn to fly a helicopter? Perhaps you took a ‘Beef and Beer’ Course or a ‘Barista’ workshop? Maybe all at once – now that would be cool. throw in a free pair of undies with every adventure they sell – probably just as well. Tandem skydiving, anyone? or a swim with the sharks?

For me, I’m very happy with the new ‘Wallaby Rugby Challenge’ PS3 game that I was given by Will and Oddie. I might even get to have a turn before next Father’s Day.

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