Jan 02 2016

I was born closer to the 1920s than today

bttfBorn before 1973? You were born closer to the 1920s than to today.

Know any 84-year-olds? Their birth is farther away from today than is the 22nd century.

Tim Urban at Wait But Why has been doing some calculations to mark the beginning of  the first year after the ‘Back to the Future’ future.

He points out

These movies were in theaters closer to JFK’s presidency than today:

Back to the Future 2
The Little Mermaid
Indiana Jones
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Field of Dreams
When Harry Met Sally

And these movies came out closer to World War II than to today:

The Empire Strikes Back
The Shining

Tim’s list is at Wait But Why

Tim puts all of time into perspective in another post here

What I Learnt On 2nd January in other years

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