Jul 27 2011

New Zillund – If you can’t beat em…..

If you can’t beat em……..

Join em

How To Speak  New Zillund At The World Rugby Cup.

RUCK:                           Abbrev. of Richard , a popular boys name.

BULL:                            What you play the game with.

TICKLE:                         Bringing another player to the ground.

SICKENED FIVE:                 Positioned after the 1st  5.

AND THUMB:                   National song – sung before the match.

PECK:                          The eight forwards involved in a scrum.

BACKS:                        Abbrev. of Rebecca, a popular girls name.

PASH NUT:                     Love of the game.

SKULLS:                         Ball handling ability.

MAUL:                              Where you going shopping.

GULL:                            Points scored by kicking.

ROUGH:                           Umpire of the game.

TROY:                              Worth 5 points.

 KETCH;                            Receiving the ball.

Hat Tip to Suellen

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