May 01 2011

No Tech Sunday – Never Say Never


Over Easter, with everyone home, we had more more computers in the house than people – not to mention a gaggle of iPhone, and iPads, and internet connected game consoles. It didn’t quite get to the point we only communicated by email and emoticons, but, in the words of the great philosopher Justin Bieber, ‘never say never’.

So today, by unanimous vote (!), was ‘no tech Sunday’. All screens off (till 8pm). The ‘Big Screen’ was allowed – the kids went to the aforementioned Justin Bieber ‘3D Bio-pic concert’ movie.

Susan Maushart, columnist for the Australian, conducted what she called ‘the experiment’ with her family for 6 months. She describes the experience in her book ‘The Winter of Our Disconnect – How three totally wired teenagers (and a mother who slept with her iPhone) pulled the plug on their technology and lived to tell the tale.’


It appears they all turned into cello-playing book-reading braniacs. You can hear Richard Fidler quiz her about ‘the experiement’ in the Conversation Hour.

So we all survived ‘no tech Sunday’, and the lawns are mown, and the car clean. Will we do it again next Sunday? Baby, never say never  đź™‚


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  1. sharyn White says:

    Hey Tony- enjoyed this live and like the animated version even better- good to watch when you are on your 4th consultation with patients self diagnosing from the internet…

  2. angelica says:


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