Sep 19 2013

One Sleep to Go. Getting ready for iOS7 and the new iPhones


20130919-234553.jpgMillie has installed iOS7 on her iPod Touch before I installed it on my iPhone or iPad. Ouch.

Tomorrow marks the release of the new iPhones 5c and 5s.

You can still have that same ‘new car’ sensation without buying a new phone by installing iOS7 on your current iDevice. The new system was released today, and can be installed now on an iPhone4, iPod Touch 5, iPad2 or later releases of each.

To catch up to Millie and get with the program, you can start by

1 Updating iTunes on your Mac to 11.1. You do this by opening the Software Update (in the Apple menu) and installing the latest system update.

2. Backing up your iDevice in iTunes. (Plug your device in with a USB cable, select it in the sidebar and click update now. If you haven’t backed up for a while, you should slap yourself on the wrist.)

3. On that same screen for your iDevice in iTunes, select the Update software button. When asked, select download and install.

It is a large download, so unless you are on the NBN don’t start this just before you leave home in the morning.

More (perhaps) on iOS7 tomorrow, and (perhaps perhaps) a review of the new iPhone.

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