May 17 2020

Pandemic – Just for fun

PandemicUnfortunately, an outbreak of a deadly virus in Sydney has caused chain-reaction outbreaks in Jakarta and Los Angeles. Time is up for Millie and I to save the planet. We’d cured one of the four viri causing pandemics – but it wasn’t enough.

Perhaps the planet will have better luck next game.

Pandemic – the game – was designed by Matt Leacock and launched in 2008. It has since spread like a virus and sold more than 1 million copies in 27 languages.

According to my local games expert – Liam at Unplugged Games, Lismore – Pandemic has been so popular it is now very hard to come by. We have the special 10th Anniversary Edition, which comes in a replica tin first aid box and has special Petri dishes, wooden play pieces and 3D characters. Go Liam.

Pandemic is unique in that it is a co-operative game – all players pool their special skills in their efforts to cure the viri. A parable for our times. You may be a scientist, dispatcher, quarantine specialist, operations expert, or medic. You all win or lose together in a race against time.

The gameplay is fast, and each game is pleasingly quick. Too quick for us at the moment, but we will improve.

The world is depending on it.

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