Jul 31 2011

Successful Essays, the Night Before – The Research Den


Many HSC and Uni subjects test essay writing skills as much as they test subject content.

Success is not based on what you have learned, or your intuitive understanding of a subject, or your depth of knowledge, but on how well you can answer a specific question in a very short amount of time, according to an accepted framework.

This is where the Australian firm ‘The Research Den‘ steps in.

Director Bronwyn Hall has a degree in Social Science and a Masters in Anthropology, but now specialises in assisting HSC and Univeristy students to write better essays. She has published two books, ‘The Night Before Essay Planner’ (that sounds up my alley) and ‘The High School Essay Planner’, and her site provides a number of resources to assist organised people and crammers alike.

The Research Den‘ can also provide individual assistance for a particularly troublesome project.

And now ‘The Night Before Essay Planner‘ is available as an iPhone app, providing a practical ‘workbook’ to guide your essay so that it’s on time and on the money.

Essay Planner - The Research Den

(Oliver, sounds like you need this before Tuesday)

As Merlin Mann says, “Buying new running shows is more fun than actually running


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