Mar 03 2011

iPad too?


What Its Like to Own an Apple Product – The

Today in San Francsico, Steve Jobs announced the imminent release of the iPad 2.

Jobs has been on medical leave since January due to complications of pancreatic cancer, so it was a surprise for the crowd at the ‘Apple Event’ when he walked on to the stage. He received a 2 minute standing ovation. Unfortunately, he now needs a much smaller skivvy than In previous years.


The keynote address is available on the apple site.

The iPad has defined the tablet computer, and is my preferred way of browsing the web, checking emails, reading books, subscribing to magazines, looking at photos and playing games.


Apple has sold 15 million iPads since it was introduced 9 months ago. This has generated $9.5 billion in revenue! There are 350,000 apps available for the iPhone and iPad, 65,000 of them developed especially for the latter.

The iPad 2 is thinner and lighter. It has a faster chip and faster graphics display. It can now plug directly into a TV, or stream wirelessly to a TV using AppleTV.

It also has front and rear facing cameras, which enables video-conferencing between Macs, iPhones and iPads (has anyone ever actually used this?) An updated iMovie app will enable editing of video filmed on the iPad. A new GarageBand for iPad looks cool, and will turn the device into a virtual piano, guitar or drum kit.

The iPad 2 is designed to use one of the groovy ( but not cheap ) iPad Smart Covers, ‘available in aniline or Italian leather’. These connect to the iPad via magnets.



The iPad 2 will be available in the US on March 12th and in Australia on March 25th. US pricing is the same as current models. Australian pricing has not yet been announced. Given the strength of the dollar, it should be less than the previous pricing. (wishful thinking, probably)

If you’ve been waiting for iPad 2 before jumping on the iPad wagon, now’s your time. The iPad 3 is likely to be another year away. If you have an iPad already, I don’t feel the new features are compelling enough to replace it with a new one – unless there is someone in the family who would be happy to receive a slightly used second hand iPad. Happy Birthday, Cath.


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Today I finally defeated the God King – freeing mankind from our struggle against repression, and securing the Infinity Blade for the forces of good!

The game Infinity Blade was released for iPhone and iPad on December 9th, 2010. It became the fasted grossing app on the App Store,  selling 271,424 copies in four days. 

It is a role playing game based around sword play. You swing your sword by swiping your finger across the screen. You also dodge, block and parry. You come up against successively stronger opponents, building up experience, gold and stronger weapons as you proceed, until you confront the God King himself. If (when) defeated by him, your son follows in the quest to avenge you.

My eleventh bloodline defeated the God King, after 102 other victories against all manner of opponents. At Level 25, I am only the 26,667th highest rated player! (iSutan, at level 45, has 4,622 victories!)

As the video above demonstrates, the backgrounds, animations, and characters in Infinity Blade are superbly realised. It is an excellent demonstration of the potential of the iOS system. It is one of the first big budget studio produced games specifically for the iPhone – the list of credits is longer than that of most movies. Just as well then that it sold so well – at US$5.99 a pop, the first four days worth of sales alone give a gross of US$1,625,829.76. (In Australia the games sells for $7.99)

For the record, our families favourite games on the iPhone are:
  • Millie – Snail Mail
  • Alex – Tris
  • Will – Doodle Jump
  • Oliver – Flight Control
  • Cathy – Oz Weather (!)

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9th January 2012 TUAW Best of 2011 AwardsTUAW Best of 2011 Awards
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Flipboard has become part of my morning routine.

Flipboard bills itself as your personalised ‘social magazine’.

The content of the magazine is determined by you – you decide what to put in each of the Flipboard panels. You can include your favourite web sites (via RSS feeds), the people you follow on twitter, and your facebook page.

The Flipboard interface uses the full potential of the iPad to display the stories in a most engaging way. It really does look spectacular and is a delight to use.

Some publishers – including Lonely Planet, All Things Digital and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (!) – have produced special Flipboard content that adds more display options. Flipboard also provides some recommended reading panels as default options.

Flipboard was judged by Apple to be the App of 2010. It is a free download from the App Store iPad App Link

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