Jun 19 2011

WebWatch: Seatguru


In the ‘old days’, if you dressed well and smiled nicely at the check-in counter, you may have been offered the choice of a window or aisle seat.

Now with self service web check-ins, you have the chance to pick the exact seat you’d like for your flight. (on Jetstar and Virgin, this now comes at an extra cost).

The new Airbus 330s that Qantas have in service have 300 seats. How do you know which one to select?

Http://seatguru.com to the rescue. This web site is from the folks that produce Trip Advisor. It can display the configuration of the plane for your particular flight, and indicates the seats that are recommended – extra leg room, double seats – and which have drawbacks – draughty, noisy, equipment under the seat.

It also knows what facilities are available – wifi, laptop charging, USB charging, personal entertainment units.

Now, I wonder if seatguru can find me a recommended seat on Tiger.

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