Feb 07 2011

AppSpin: TripIt


TripIt,com is a cool web service.

If you travel regularly, it can be hard to keep track of flight times, flight numbers and reservation codes.

TripIt makes it easy to collect all this information in the one place.

When you receive an email confirmation from the airline for a flight you have booked, you forward that email unchanged to ‘plans@tripit.com‘.
TripIt reads the information contained in the email and adds it to your itinerary.
(you can also add flights manually)

And here’s what I learnt today – TripIt can now monitor a gmail address, and will automatically add any trip information it finds.

You can access your travel plans through the website, or, more conveniently, through their iPhone app. You can also set up your iCal or google calendar so that the flight details are automatically added to your calendar.

Bon Voyage

TripIt - Travel Organizer - TripIt

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