May 15 2011

Giving Good High Five


Performing a coordinated High Five requires quite a knack.
Cool when done well, it can be a common cause of an ‘epic fail’.


NASA crashed a bomb into the moon – which you’d have to agree is a good shot. However, the red-shirted scientist in this live feed got ‘dissed’ when he tried to initiate a celebratory high five.


Even the usually very cool John Mayer can fail


This bear can’t take a trick


Luckilly, not all are as disastrous as this one


For a coordinated sportsman, this is a sad miss.

(Lucky the crowd was so small)


So what is the secret to a perfect high five.

Will tells me that the secret to never missing a high five is for each person to watch the other’s elbow.


This is confirmed by the team at Perfect High Five.


High Five!

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