Feb 03 2011

The US iTunes Store and Mr Ed


Today, on the iTunes store, you can download songs for a standard 69c, buy the latest episodes of MadMen Series 4 for $2.99, rent The Social Network for $4.99. You can also download the new Daily newspaper app free of charge.

Best of all, you can buy the first episode of Mr Ed for $1.99.After all, a horse is a horse, of course, or course.

But all of this is only available in the US iTunes store,.

There are some things that aren’t yet available on the Australian iTunes store, or cost considerably higher here.

Generally, you can’t access the US store unless you create a new AppleID using a US credit card and a US address. But there are ‘ways and means’, especially if you have a iTunes gift card from America, or can access one.

There is a video and instructions, and also some US iTunes gift cards available (at a premium), from http://itunesdirect.com.au

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